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1.40 What are the diffrences between bamboo flooring, and wood flooring?

Q. Can you also give pro's and con's of both? thanks.

A. Wood flooring is made directly from trees, while bamboo is actually a fast-growing grass. Some say it is even harder than hardwood! Bamboo comes in various qualities - from bamboo laminate, to the more expensive, woven and carbonized bamboo flooring. There are several pages discussing the pros, cons and varieties of wood and bamboo flooring listed on the following Quick Click Green Flooring Guide. http://www.building-your-green-home.com/flooring-types.html Specific pages on bamboo are the following: http://www.building-your-green-home.com/bamboo-hardwood-flooring.html http://www.building-your-green-home.com/bamboo-wood-floors.html Hope this helps.

1.20 Best wood flooring material, and easy to install?

Q. We are renovating my condo and I want to install wood flooring throughout the living area. What is the best wood flooring material and cheapest?

A. For a good balance between cost and quality, consider using Bamboo Flooring. Also a good choice for the environment.

1.20 Does anyone have BKR brand laminate flooring. Thinking about buying this brand. Any suggestions would help.?

Q. I debating on laminate flooring. BKR has caught my eye but i have never heard of it. What brand of laminate is best? 8mm or 12mm. Going on a wood floor in an old house. Ripping up carpet and tile. BKR has the underlayment already attached and the installer said he would put down a moisture barrier. This is just adding up quickly and I want to make sure i get a good brand that will last a long time.

A. The most well known brands of laminate are quik-step, & pergo. The thicker the better. If I were you I would have the real wood floors refinished. Real wood is much more durable, you won't have to buy the new flooring, and wood will add more value to your house. If the wood floor has already been refinished too many times and can't be refinished again, then maybe consider engineered wood flooring. It has a layer of real wood, it will feel more solid than laminate, it looks better, and it can be refinished when it gets worn.

1.20 Laying engineered wood flooring over vinyl flooring?

Q. Can engineered wood flooring be installed on vinyl flooring? I'm in the middle of home improvement project and have decided to lay some engineered wood flooring for my kitchen. The particular brand that I've bought requires glue-down installation. The problem is, there's vinyl flooring that's been laid with cutback and it's not going to come up without a significant amount of work and then re-preparation of the sub flooring. I've been to the local home improvement center several times and can't really get a straight answer as to if this is possible. I've searched the Internet and its about 50-50 yes and no. I'd really like anybody's input into my situation, as I am under a little bit of a time constraint to finish the project as this is my new house and I've got to move out of my old house in in a week. Thanks in advance to your answers!

A. If you are laying down Bruce or Armstrong flooring, they have instructions for laying over vinyl flooring. Basically you can't lay the flooring over more than 2 layers of vinyl. You want to make sure the flooring is stripped, not sanded, especially if there is a gloss on the floor. Don't sand if its a resilient floor, it may contain asbestos. Also they recommend specific adhesives that will bond with the floor.

1.20 Can laminate wood flooring in two adjoining rooms be mismatched?

Q. We are moving into our first home and we are replacing the carpet in the living room with laminate wood flooring. The floor in the dining room is already laminate wood and joins up with the living room floor. We are trying to pick out new floors and are wondering if we can get a different color wood floor for the living room or if we need to match it perfectly with the dining room. Would mismatching the wood look tacky?? Calling all interior designers! I need your help!

A. What you are asking is a question of personal taste. I (being a wood lover) think it's kinda cool to bounce to contrasting wood off one another, But thats just me.

1.20 What to use as underlay under vinyl flooring on a concrete floor?

Q. I am about to have some vinyl flooring fitted in my kitchen and would grateful for any suggestions as to what I can use for cushioning and to try and keep the floor as warm as possible under foot. I have had vinyl flooring before and it is still hard and cold when standing on the flooring. I have even tried cork tiles and this did not seem to make a huge difference. Would a laminate and wood flooring underlay be suitable or would this be a waste of time? I should add that I am in the UK.

A. An idea, There is a product by DRIcore subfloor which is designed to be put over concrete floors in basements, playrooms etc, this may be something you would want to look into, it would serve all your needs. Lowes carries this by the way, here's a link to the DRIcore website http://www.dricore.com/en/eIndex.aspx

1.20 Flooring Question: What flooring should I use for an entry way?

Q. My living room is going to be laminate wood flooring, but I am thinking of using another surface for the entry area, to create a sort of mudroom space. What flooring should I use? I want something very durable because the kids run in and out with sand and mud. Slate? The style of the house is rustic, so the polished or modern look wouldn't fit. Thanks for your input! If you reply tile or slate, what about the grout? I hate the way old, dirty grout looks. Are there any alternatives????

A. Ceramic tile will last forever if done correctly... At least 3/4" marine plywood screwed down well, two layers if area will allow it, then cementboard screwed down to that. Fill all screw holes with floor patch, also level corners or uneven spots with "floor patch and level". Be sure to use good quality adhesive, and use spacers for even grouting. Use good quality grout and apply it maticulously, then seal it. If any steps are skipped you may get a loosened or broken tile through the years, and you basically have to rip up the whole thing to fix one spot. But a job well done will last decades! Good luck :-)

1.20 What flooring is the most attractive, practical, functional and pet-proof for a bedroom?

Q. I just got a new home with carpeting in the bedrooms. My dogs do sometimes have accidents, so I want to replace the flooring with something else.

A. Laminate wood flooring with throw rugs.

Wood Flooring

 Flooring - Wood Flooring No other flooring material offers quite the same kind of beauty as wood flooring. There is something polished and classy about wood flooring that other materials simply can't match. They are perfect for all styles of Rochester, New York area homes, but add a special finish to country homes, farm houses etc. Besides, they are relatively easy to clean, are extremely durable, and overall, add to the value of your home. They are also one of the most natural flooring materials, allowing you to give back to the environment.

 flooring company in Rochester, New York While hard wood floors earlier were restricted in the number of color choices they offered, today you can choose from a varied palette of shades. It's entirely possible to have a wood floor that is customized with stains and finishes to give you a unique floor. An olden wooden floor can be given a make over by staining and finishing it. The species of wood to choose from includes classic choices like oak hard wood floors, cherry wood flooring, maple, birch, walnut etc. If a traditional hard wood floor doesn't fall within your budget, consider a bamboo wood floor instead. These are now available in easy to use strips and planks that make them simple to install and easy to take care of. Engineered hard wood floors are comprised of several layers of wood that are bonded together. These floors have the grains running in different directions, and are ideal for rooms like basements, where a solid wood floor may not be practical. Also, consider the room itself. The kind of flooring that you need in a high traffic heavy use area like the kitchen, will be different from the kind of floor that you need in a formal living room.

Although hard wood floors are more competitively priced than in the past, you will still find that they are one of the more expensive choices in flooring material. Generally the higher the quality of the wood, the greater the price. If your budget does allow for high quality wood flooring, consider it a great investment in your home. Reports from realtors have shown that a home with a hard wood floor sells quicker and usually at a higher price than homes with carpeted floors. Your wood floor can last for a life time of beauty, making this a very cost effective option in the long run. A little basic maintenance is all it takes for your wood floor to last a life time. Keep water away from the floor, and wipe spills immediately. Never mop with a damp cloth, and protect areas near the kitchen sink with mats or rugs. Also, place mats just outside and inside the doorway to catch mud and dirt. Protect your wood floor by using some kind of padding under your furniture legs. Wear flat and practical shoes inside the house, and avoid walking around on stilettos. Never use ordinary floor cleaners, and always rely on your manufacturers' cleaning instructions for hard wood floor care.

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