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1.50 What are good flooring options for a cottage that won't be winterized?

Q. We were hoping to put down laminate flooring but have been told we'd have to heat the floor at all times as stepping on it if it's been exposed to freezing temperatures could cause it to crack (shatter?) open. Real hardwood flooring is expensive and we don't really want carpet or linoleom. Any suggestions or advice?

A. Most quality laminates are meant to serve interiors which are not environmentally controlled all year long. You just have to make sure you're getting the good stuff. Ask your seller about the laminate floor's AC rating, to make sure it's likely to be durable enough for what you've got in mind. For a residence, you shouldn't settle for less than an AC3 rating. Generally, the fiberboard core of a quality laminate floor will help it to weather temperature changes. Also, you're going to want to choose a type of flooring which is low-maintenance for a cottage. You don't want to be spending too much time with refinishing and waxing flooring when you're meant to be relaxing. Laminate flooring requires dry or damp mopping or a vacuuming, but otherwise retains its look without too much intervention on your part. Don't ever install hardwood flooring in an area which is not environmentally controlled. The wood will expand and contract radically when in non-controlled conditions. For hardwood, this spells disaster - warping, cupping, the works! The great thing is, laminate flooring has really come a long way in terms of look. You can get laminate flooring which looks almost exactly like solid hardwood - even a "handscraped" look, or a beveled edge effect. And you still get that look without having to worry about the practicalities of maintaining a natural product in a less-than-friendly environment when it comes to extreme conditions. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy your new floor!

1.30 What kind of flooring should I use?

Q. I need to replace the carpet in my master bedroom. The flooring that leads up to the bedroom is a blond laminate. I do not want that in the bedroom. I also don't want carpet again. Would it be strange to do a different color wood floor? All that is under the carpet is plywood. I want to do this myself. Any suggestions?

A. For resale value of the house, you should stick with the same or a similar color. If there is wood in the room, you could match it to that. If you aren't that crazy about the blond color, use some throw rugs. Never buy flooring to match furniture. Furniture is temporary & floors are not usually.

1.20 Kitchen renos, does the flooring need to go under the cabinets?

Q. I've seen this on a show once where they put the flooring (laminate) flush up against the cabinets, rather than doing all floors first THEN putting in cabinets. I think it was just for their demo purposes, but i'm wondering if that's okay to do? or will it look bad?

A. Over the years this question has come up with many of the home owners I have remodeled kitchens for. There are a few rules of thumb to take into account. First whenever you have the opportunity to install new cabinets where a new laminate floor is going to be installed there are problems with installing the floor under the cabinets. Most newer laminate floors are meant to be allowed to move. With varying degrees of humidity and fluctuating room temperature changes, expanding and contracting can take place and if you lock the floor under the cabinets, you will prevent the floor from doing what is natural. It would seem then that the solution would be to install the flooring up against the cabinets. However keep in mind that whenever you install the floor up against the cabinets, you will loose countertop height. That is, if your countertops were set at 36" off the floor and you install a 1/2" flooring up against the cabinets, now your countertops will be 35 1/2" from the new laminate flooring. This may not seem like much, but if you are tall, every little bit height counts. The solution that I have always used was to install plywood the same thickness as the flooring under the cabinets and then install the flooring up against the plywood edges. Now you will install a shoe mold or other molding over top of the new laminate floor, but make sure you attach the molding to the cabinets and not the floor. This again, will allow the flooring to move without restriction. With the molding installed up against the cabinets it will cover up any signs that there is plywood under the cabinets. Another thing to note is that when you install the flooring it is best to give it a little clearance from the walls and cabinets and again make sure that when you install the molding, nail it to the walls, baseboard or cabinets and not to the flooring. You can find out more about flooring installations and techniques, by clicking on the following link. Plus, check out some great flooring videos on the subject as well by clicking on the following link. I hope this will help you out. Rick

1.20 What kind of flooring do I need that can be cleaned easily when an invalid has an accident?

Q. I have an invalid living in my house. He sometimes cannot control his bowels and makes a mess in the floor. I currently have carpet over hardwood floor. I need the carpet to be taken out and want to find some sort of flooring that can be mopped with Clorox or Lysol in water to destroy odor. I would like to avoid any type of flooring that would have to be glued to the hardwood. It appears that all vinyl flooring has to glued down. Does anyone have any idea what I can put over the hardwood that will stand up to some serious cleaning?

A. Try laminate flooring, it is easy to install by locking the pieces together like a puzzle and it floats(needs no glue). It also cleans like a dream, we just got it and love it. You can get the kind that looks like wood or tile. We have the ceramic tile type and it really looks like tile. GL!

1.20 How do you shrink flooring to take the excess wrinkles out of the center?

Q. We have vinyl flooring that is glued on the edges but not in the center. The excess material is causing the flooring to raise up in the middle of the floor. Do I use a heat gun and try to shrink it? I don't know. Any educated suggestions would be help-full.

A. If this is a perimeter bond material, and it didn t acclimate right and "shrink" to the floor then it is faulty material and must be reported to the place of purchase. If it is a full spread glue type , there is nothing you can do but replace it. The way to tell the difference, full spread flooring will have a felt type or paper backing. Perimeter bond is smooth. You ll have to find out what you have before anything can be attempted. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

1.20 If a professional installer is putting down vinyl flooring....?

Q. Would he know ahead of time he needed a roller to roll the floor and seams? The man who did mine said he's done about 30 floors, but had to go rent a roller to insure adhesion. He acted like he did me a favor by not charging me for it, but wouldn't a professional know to have this on hand before laying a vinyl floor? Just curious. Thanks.

A. Yes, he would. He screwed up and was trying to feed you a line of bull....

1.20 What is the best method to install new vinyl flooring?

Q. I'm remodeling my kitchen. The orginal vinyl flooring is really ugly, but not really that bad shape. I want to put new vinyl flooring. What is the best method. I don't see the option of removing the old flooring but instead, putting the new floor on top of the existing. Should I just lay down 1/4 inch luan or is there a better, more professional method?

A. If its only 1 layer down, most manufactures ok it it to go over the existing as long as its in decent shape like you say. Yes the use of a luan or birch luan is the best way to go. The new glue will take to the pores of the wood the best.Filling in the seams w/ a special cement based filler and if theres any imperfections in the wood. I ve always have used Ardex but there are other names out there. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

1.20 Who in Everett, WA gives the most honest deal with flooring?

Q. I have severe asthma and my doctor has asked me to get either laminate or vinyl flooring (or hardwood or tile) to replace my carpet. My landlord agreed to let me do it with no charge for not leaving it the same way as I moved in. Now, I have had Empire, Flynn's and Totally Floored all give me estimates for laminate. I am also going to go to Home Depot and Hatloe's Carpet One (the Carpet One located in Everett) is coming tomorrow to make an estimate. Problems: I get 357 sq ft according to the landlord's dimensions Empire and Flynn's get 641 sq. ft. Totally Floored gets 549 sq. ft. 1 company charges 5% and another 8% more sq. ft. for waste when they cut along edges and transitions. 1 company separately hires out an installer, two companies have their own. Nobody seems to have the exact same flooring: Mohawk "Northern Maple" is one, a version of "Northern Maple" with padding and in a softer less yellow tone also by Mohawk and a Blonde Cherry Dream and a Spring Oak. I am on disability and am having volunteers from a local agency move my stuff out and others move back in. I am renting a truck to store my stuff while the job is being done. My landlord is taking out the carpet and tack strips so the only work is putting the floor down. I have approx. estimates of $2400, $3300, $4400 and $6600! How can I find out who is most honest? What information do I have to have to compare accurately? Have you personally done business with any of these companies? What else can you tell me? I have found that Medicaid may pay for the flooring so I might not even get to pick who does it. Thanks for the BBB info, none of those companies is a certified BBB company. Now I will check those that were. But this wasn't the kind of answer I am looking for. I really want someone with experience dealing with having flooring installed.

A. Check the your local Better Business Bureau for reviews and ratings of specific businesses in Everett. They have a search function for city/state and for business type.

Vinyl Flooring

 Flooring - Vinyl Flooring Their ease of installation and affordable price makes vinyl flooring the flooring material of choice for a vast majority of homes across the country. The cost of installation is lesser than wood floors, and installing involves using adhesive to stick the vinyl flooring to a sub floor. Generally, you can choose from sheet vinyl and vinyl ties. Bot
h these types have high resistance to stains. The colors and textures that you can choose are also varied, allowing you to customize a look for your >, New York area home and combine different textures and shades.

 flooring company in Rochester, New York Vinyl flooring tiles can be used in homes, as well as commercial spaces. Vinyl flooring tiles that are used in homes can range from basic tiles that resemble ceramic tiles and self stick tiles, to thicker, luxurious looking, marble patterned vinyl floor tiles. The luxury tiles are heavier, and more expensive, but offer sunny, natural looking textures that resemble slate and wood. Tiles generally come in 12" X 12" sizes, although larger tile sizes are also available. Vinyl composition tiles are used generally in commercial settings, like malls and retail stores. Patterns can range from marble-like appearances to solid color tiles.

Vinyl flooring installation should be done by a professional. In case of an imperfect installation, grime can enter gaps between the vinyl tiles leading to accumulation of water and eventually, loosening of the tiles. For a perfectly installed vinyl floor, the sub floor preparation has to be perfect. Clean your floor using the manufacturer's recommendations, and use mats at doorways to keep your floor clean. Don't use soap or house hold cleaners on your vinyl floor.

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