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Interested in getting an in-home consultation & estimate for laminate floors in 3 rooms of my home.

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We are building a new house...need contractor do tile and bamboo floor installation. I am available to meet this Saturday or Sunday. Thank you.

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Flooring - Flooring Questions
1.20 Remodeling my basement, can i use laminate flooring?

Q. The sub pump in my basement failed twice in my 12 years living in this home, so im not sure if i can use laminate flooring in my basement, the wood kind. i really dont want to put tile down there

A. Carpet is the most preferred option for the basement flooring due to its low cost, softness and sound muffling quality. It is comfortable to use and provides warmth in winter. Cement flooring is also a popular choice for basement. In fact, it is the most affordable and durable materials till date. laminate flooring probably isn't a great choice because water could lift them.

1.20 What flooring company made laminate flooring in Slovakia?

Q. I have a decent amount of click together laminate flooring that states it was "Made in Slovakia" on the back. The rest of the information on each plank reads D-9279 281005 305-SK 12:33. I still need a good amount however and I am looking foir more. Can anyone tell me who made this flooring and how old it may be? Thanks!

A. To thinks that you can actually get an idea to where it's made from in any of the info in the box or call the company. But what I know is that laminate flooring is a cool type of flooring especially if you lead a home a traffic day.

1.20 When you redecorate?

Q. Do you choose to do it your self? How often do replace your flooring (carpets viynl ect) How much do you spend on flooring? Do you prefer to call a proffesional flooring expert to install your floors ? how much do you pay for this? What factors are involved when you go shopping for new floors? Is new flooring high up on your list or is it some thing that you don`t give much thought to? Do you know quality flooring when you see it or do you trust the sales person? would you prefer to buy flooring direct from a floor layer and why?

A. I have just re-decorated my sittingroom. Put up new wallpaper and re-painted over the old paint with a different colour. The hallway is next as will follow the rest of the house. Between mysaelf and my son we will complete the job. At the moment I an awaiting the delivery of the sittingroom carpet. Should be good when its all finished.

1.20 Company that sells flooring that I can install myself for under a $1 a square foot and has a nice design?

Q. Please include company name with phone number if possible and id really appreciate it if you can tell me the type of flooring or a picture of it.

A. Try this link http://decoration.com/p/interior-decorating/flooring/ good luck!

1.20 How can I make wood flooring with different colors and gains look the same?

Q. I am looking for a cheap flooring job in a room in my house, and it has to be wooden floors. I am friends with a guy that is a flooring contractor and he gets to keep all extra pieces that do not fit in the house. So he has all of the flooring that I need, they all fit each other, but not all of them have the same texture/gain and color. Is there any way to get them all to be the same? I was thinking that I would be able to sand them down and maybe stain them, but I'm not too sure.

A. Probably not. All woods accept stains differently. The only way to have uniformity with differing species and grains is paint.

1.20 How long do you have to leave concrete floors to dry before laying hardwood flooring in a new house?

Q. We are considering laying hardwood flooring in the living/dining room of our new house. The floor is concrete and we have been told we need to wait for a period of time before laying wood flooring. The time period varies with who we ask, but we've been told anything from 3 months to 2 years! Does anyone have any direct experience of this? Is it a load of rubbish or is it genuine?

A. Would have thought that after a week or so when the concrete was set it would be ok to lay flooring. Maybe the flooring contractors are trying to put you off until they can fit in the job!!

1.20 How can i change my laminate flooring to a white kind of floor?

Q. My living room is has laminate flooring but i would like to change it to white flooring permenantly. what is the best way to do this? i saw this item in ikea called floor lining would that work?

A. The lining actually goes under the laminate - so it wouldn't work. You would need to either paint the laminate with a primer then white floor paint - which is actually not a bad look - but you can't really use the floor until the paint cures - which is a few weeks, plus you will need to repaint every few years.

1.20 Bamboo Flooring! How good is it? Anyone installed this type of floor more than 2 years ago and happy ?

Q. I live in Sydney, northern suburbs. I'm trying to find the optimum solution for a bedroom floor to replace the sick carpets with an alternative healthy floor. My ideal is bright sand color flooring. Timber seems not that tough as bamboo, but bamboo products are imported from China and the quality may not be as good. If anyone has a bamboo floor for a few years now, I'd like to hear from you, and if you are happy with the quality, please let me know where to buy it from.

A. Well we haven't had it for two years, but we have had it for a couple of months. we have the dark maroon color and it shows dust and cleaning streaks retty badly so i have to clean it every other day to. i wish i would have went with the lighter color now like you are talking about. as for scratches, since ours is so dark, the deep ones do show but i go over them with a matching stain. i have never noticed lighter scratches. but since you are talking about getting the lighter colored flooring, the scratches wouldn't show up very easily. we were very happy with the quality. it wasn't like hardwood flooring where you have to inspect each piece before you put it down, each one that came out of the box was in perfect condition. and the brand we bought was nice and thick.

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 Flooring The flooring in your house complements your décor, and its finish and looks depend on the quality of the flooring installation. So, take the trouble to find a floor company that's qualified for the job. Get matched to flooring contractors in Rochester by using our unique flooring company search system.

 flooring company in Rochester, New York There are a number of factors that work to help you choose a new flooring material. Consult your flooring contractor about the durability and practicality of the material you are considering. Rooms like kitchens and bathrooms need non slip materials like tiles that are also easy to clean. A children's room will take plenty of abuse in the form of dirt, pets running about, increased traffic etc. a sturdy hard surfaced floor that doesn't collect dust, and is easy to clean are ideal for kids' bedrooms. Not all flooring will last for the same amount of time. For instance, laminates, although they cost less, can't be re finished, which makes them more expensive to replace. Also, consider the cost of installation and whether you plan to use floor coverings and carpets on your floor.

Flooring installation is a job best left to the services of a professional flooring contractor. A commercial flooring contractor will be able to install your floor smoothly and seamlessly, ensuring a high quality finish. Hiring a handy man to install your floor may seen less expensive, but you could end up spending more than the cost of the material on re installing a badly laid out floor. To find qualified and reputed floor installers in the Rochester area, just fill out the simple form, and you will hear from up to 4 Rochester floor tile contractor. Our contractors will offer you free quotes for your flooring installation that come with absolutely no obligation to hire their services. You will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your precious flooring to a thorough professional. Our floor contractors come pre screened to meet our stringent quality requirements.

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